As a young scientist in a world dominated by the media, I believe that Scientific Communication through social media is an important component of educating my peers. Through this website, I will endeavour to educate and inform my peers and the public on the importance of addressing climate change and its impacts. I will communicate in a way that does not require that you have a background in science in order to understand the problems in climate science today, and be able to consider the ways we can approach climate adaptation and mitigation in the near future.


The content of this site is an archive of my work completed as part of the ENVS 326 class titled, ‘Climate Change and Society’ at Emory University during the Fall 2017 semester. Whilst it is primarily classwork to be graded, the purpose of the site, particularly the blog posts and twitter feed (using the handle @NaomiBoon1), is to inform the general public on issues surrounding climate science. I hope that you will benefit from visiting this site, and should you have any questions, please do get in touch; I’d love to hear from you.

(All photos are my own unless otherwise specified and attributed).